Passive cooling - the perfect way of cooling your house

Thermia's heat pumps, especially Thermia Comfort, are complete units for a good indoor environment all year round. When it is cold outside, pleasant heat is produced and when it is hot outside, you are provided with comfort cooling. In all heat pumps (except air water heat pumps), it is possible to cool the house with passive cooling at a low cost. Passive cooling does not require any more energy than a pair of light bulbs. Passive cooling is normally sufficient, but if necessary, extra cooling can be obtained by using the compressor.

You can cool a house in two ways, with passive cooling or active cooling.

Passive cooling

Passive cooling is the cheapest way to lower the temperature. You use the cool liquid already circulating in the collector loop. Cooling a house in this way corresponds to the energy equivalent of a couple of light bulbs. Passive cooling is possible with all of Thermia's heat pump solutions (except for air pumps, where extra equipment is needed).

Active cooling

In many cases passive cooling is sufficient, but if extra cooling is needed, a heat pump can produce it with the assistance of the compressor. This is a much more efficient way to produce cooling compared with traditional air conditioning, which is reflected in significantly lower energy consumption.

Requirements Overview